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Ascending from Graviera Rock Reef, Naxos, Greece (2014).

I am currently a Master’s candidate studying Conservation Biology at Columbia University in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology. My thesis research, conducted under Dr. Howard Rosenbaum of the Wildlife Conservation Society, is investigating the abundance and distribution of marine mammals in the Arctic using acoustics. Previously, I completed my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University with a BSc Honours in Biology (with a semester at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre and coursework at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre). There, my research was on invasive species prevention in both aquatic and marine environments. Upon graduating, I worked as an Educator at Toronto’s aquarium, as an ichthyology assistant at the Royal Ontario Museum, and as an intern with the Sea Watch Foundation UK.

From swimming with bioluminescence organisms to floating alongside a salmon run, I have been constantly driven to see, learn and experience everything marine. I have a passion for cetaceans and conservation, with a serious soft-spot for algae, birding, and the Bay of Fundy. Personally, I love diving, yoga, and am an outdoors enthusiast. This blog will be used as an outlet for my scientific inquires and article reviews, as well as a way to share interesting reads and fun facts about protecting our beautiful oceans.

I anticipate my learning curve will continue to be steep and adventurous. I hope you enjoy!




Hiking around a glacial lake near Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park. 2014

I am a recent biology graduate from Queen’s University with a keen interest in the natural world around me. Since graduating, I have moved to Edmonton, Alberta, and am currently working in the restaurant industry. My work as a server has been briefly interrupted twice when I worked for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans doing adipose clipping and coded wire tagging with juvenile salmon. This work thoroughly ignited my interest in fisheries management, and has encouraged me to learn more about the aquatic systems of Alberta and Canada.

Since moving to Edmonton, I have had an awesome time exploring the amazing outdoor life that Alberta has to offer – Hello Rocky Mountains! I love hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and camping, and have taken every opportunity to do so. My adventures have allowed me to get up-close and personal with colour changing larch trees, fragile alpine meadows, mating elk and endangered Banff springs snails (to name just a few of the amazing natural phenomenons I’ve encountered). These explorations have no doubt sparked intense curiosity in me! This blog will be a space for sharing my scientific and natural questions, and the wild answers I find to them. I hope that it also serves as a way to keep me connected to the ongoings of the scientific community.




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